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The mission of the Chef Carl Ruiz Culinary Arts Education Scholarship is to provide scholarship awards to assist qualified students who are in pursuit of an apprenticeship, certification, or post-secondary education in the area of Culinary Arts through an accredited culinary or hospitality school program.

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic was constructed on a 1.1-acre lot of land that the town of Hilton Head agreed to lease to VIM Clinic for $1.00 per year. On the day construction began, Dr. Jack paid off the entire cost of the lease – all $30.50 of it! When VIM Clinic first opened its doors with a group of 5 paid staff members, 48 retired physicians, 74 retired nurses, and 3 dentists, it was primarily a walk-in clinic with only part-time hours. By the end of that first year, the part-time clinic had seen over 3,000 patients.

Over the past 28 years, the clinic has seen significant growth. Today, there are 22 full-time equivalent employees who operate the clinic with the help of over 650 retired and professional volunteers. As a team, the clinic staff and volunteers see over 10,000 patients with over 28,000 patient visits annually.

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