Erica B Roby

About This Project

First a lawyer, next a sommelier, and then a mother, Erica Blaire Roby, is also a barbecue pitmaster. The Wagyu beef-loving cook behind woman-run barbecue competition team Blue Smoke Blaire, showed off her smoky skills on Food Network’s second season of “BBQ Brawl” with Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, and Eddie Jackson.

Roby comes from a “long line of cooks and chefs” and started Blue Smoke Blaire in 2019 because her dad has had it on his bucket list to open a barbecue restaurant. She is passionate about all things beef, rubs, and learning from fellow barbecue lovers to improve her ability to cook for others. “Pitmasters are a tough-as-nails group of people, battling through bitter cold, freezing rain, sweltering heat, and one-lane country roads,” she wrote. “I have so much respect and love.”

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